Servis Division of Strojchem, a.s. was established in 2010 by merging the former company of Chemosvit Strojservis, a.s. into Strojchem, a.s.

Servis Division of Strojchem, a.s. is a holder of licenses on assembly and repairs of designated technical facilities, e.g. lifting machines, cranes, lifts, mobile working platforms, or pressure systems, and on repairing safety valves, issued by National Labour Inspectorate. The company is authorized to perform assembly, repairs and maintenance of electric appliances, revisions, calibration and metrology. Strojchem, a.s. was recertified in quality system to EN ISO 9001:2008 in 2013, which has confirmed its successful establishment of quality system in practice.

Servis Division´s business line focuses, in particular, on the repairs and maintenance of machinery, measurement and regulation, automated management system of technological processes and metrology and calibration for Chemosvit, a.s. and other companies of the Chemosvit Group and for the companies, institutions and the general public of the nearby region.

Technical activities

Production of following design documentation:

  • technological appliances for chemical and food industries
  • building and technological steel structures
  • pipeline distribution and air-conditioning systems
  • individual machine-technological units – gear and sprocket wheels, clutches, gear boxes, shafts, pinions, worms

Technical activities:

  • Technical inspections and tests of particular electric technical devices and lightning rods of up to 1000 V in facilities of A and B class (with and without danger of explosion, electric machines, instruments, distributors)
  • Technical inspections and tests of working machines
  • Inspections and tests of electrical appliances of A, B, C, D, E groups
  • Technical inspections and tests of particular pressure technical devices
  • Technical inspections and tests of particular gas technical devices
  • Technical inspections and tests of particular lifting technical devices
  • Consultancy and official tests of particular electric technical devices in co-operation with Technical Institute of Košice
  • Measurement of vibration and oscillation of machinery
  • Technical inspections and leaking tests of tanks, trapping vessels, pipelines and distributions where dangerous matters are being stored or transported under Act no. 364/2004 Coll. Under § 39, Sect. 2, Letter d) Act on Water, inspection and leaking tests can only be performed by a qualified person certified in non-destructive testing under STN EN 473.
  • Power audit and assessment of power economy of buildings under Act No. 476/2008 Coll. on Energy Efficiency as amended

Servis Division of  STROJCHEM, a. s. is a certified partner of IA&DT Division of SIEMENS

Non-stop service and repairs of electricity-water-heating plants

  • emergency service for 24 hours
  • electric, water and heating installations and welding
  • inspection, repair and reconstruction of electric installations, lighting, switch boxes, replacement and assembly of appliances, production of audit reports, searching for broken electric distributions.

Basic price list:

  • all prices are fixed as per the character of repair and the time of starting the repair
  • in case of emergency, we secure the appliance against further damage and finish the repair under the basic rate of 12 € / hour (VAT incl.)
  • for planned repairs, reconstructions, replacement and assembly works, a specific quotation is made

Taximeter service

  • a registered business to install and repair taximeters
  • decision of the Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing /ÚNMS SR/ No. R/I-114/2013

We offer:

  • Installation of new taximeters of Digitax conforming to the requirements of Slovak legislation (under § 30, Sect. 1, Art. c), Act No. 56/2012 Coll. on Road Traffic)
  • We provide regular metrology inspection under the contract with Slovak Legal Metrology (SLM)
  • Repair, replacement and setting of taximeters of Digitax, type F1Plus, F3Plus and M1
  • Setting the fare tariffs and a heading of a paid fare receipt
  • Sales of spare parts, thermal printer tapes, TAXI lighting and spare covers
  • Technical support in the field of legislation and metrology of taximeters

DIGITAX taximeter producer has been a global leader in the field for over 30 years. It has trade agencies in 76 countries world-wide.

Taximeter F1 Plus
TRE thermal printer meets all legislation requirements of the EU and SR standards, easy installation and setting

Taximeter F3 Plus
is the most up-to-date taximeter meeting the most demanding customer criteria. F3 Plus is the only compact taximeter with integral graphic thermal printer, with a quiet and fast receipt printing.

Taximeter M1
is the most up-to-date taximeter meeting the most demanding customer criteria, being used as a rear mirror. This taximeter grade is unique in Slovakia and meets the stringiest European standards.

Measurement & Regulation (MaR) and Metrology

  • installation of MaR technology
  • supply and assembly of complete industrial weak current distributions systems (data-communication, optical and telephone networks) and MaR technology, electronic fire alarm system (EPS) including initial technical inspection and tests, and securing official examination, the works have also been run in explosive-dangerous areas
  • repairs of MaR technology, electronic scales (including business premises), texts of security valves, repairs of laboratory instruments, installation of thermometers
  • complete care of electronic fire alarm system (EPS) – installation, repair, maintenance, control and technical inspection of EPS LITES

Tachograph service

  • an authorized metrology workstation
  • testing analogue tachographs of Kienzle 1311, 1318, Siemens VDO 1324 and digital tachographs of Siemens VDO DTCO 1381
  • sales of tachograph accessories (tachograph rings, sensors, thermal disks)
  • downloading the data from digital tachographs
  • sales of SW and HW equipment for downloading, storing and evaluation of data from digital tachographs

Contact Nr..: +421 918 631 618, +421 907 917 108

Installation and service of monitoring and tracing Infocar equipment.

An authorized metrology workstation at Strojchem, a.s., has extended its range of offered services in relation to the introduced digital Siemens (Continental) VDO DTCO1381 tachographs.

We provide:

  • activation of a digital tachograph, its first and the following check-up
  • replacement of a damaged digital tachograph including its verification
  • additional installation of a digital tachograph into the car
  • sales of spare parts for a digital tachograph (sensors, thermal printer disks, etc.)
  • training of drivers in handling digital tachographs including a training CD
  • supply, installation and training in software (TIS Office or TIS Web) and hardware (Downloadkey) applications
  • downloading and storing the data of drivers´ routes from digital tachographs as a service for the customer
  • technical support, consultancy in the field of digital tachographs (legislation, technical information)

Calibration centre

Calibration and repairs of weight, temperature, pressure, electric and time measurement systems.

Complete company metrology (outsourcing) – recording, categorization of measurement, tailor-made metrological standards, calibration outputs, transport of measurers, data storing and calibration certificates.

Calibration of length – meters using the top length-measuring device of ULM 600 Carl Zeiss.

Electric operations

Centre of complete industrial plants assembly.

Production of low voltage switch boxes according to the supplied technical documentation and customer requirements (cast iron distributors, U system distributors, cabinets made of insulating material, distribution boxes) based on type test. Production of heavy-current distributions according to the submitted technical documentation.

Servis Division service range

  • Audits and designing
  • Production of power audit, review of power economy of buildings under Energy Efficiency Act No. 476/2008 Coll. as amended
  • Supply of design documentation for the assembly, reconstruction or repairs of plants, or buildings infrastructure
  • Production of a protocol on environmental impacts, official testing of the plant before its putting into operation
  • Analysis of electric network using Chauvin Amoux Analyser for the correct setting of safety elements (securing a reliable operation of the supplying circuits)

Engineering operations

Design, delivery and service of industrial automated systems based on SIEMENS technology, supplies of SIEMENS components – programmable control systems, peripheries, industrial computers, networks, visualisation systems, frequency converters

Certified operations

  • installation, setting and repairs of Digitax taxi meters, verification of taxi meters
  • verification of recording devices (tachographs) of Siemens, VDO and Kienzle in road traffic
  • installation and service of INFOCAR monitoring systems
  • metrology – repairs and verification of electronic scales, calibration and repairs of pressure gauges and thermometers, measurements of length, time and force
  • technical inspection and test of selected electric, pressure, lifting and gas technical equipment
  • vibration measurement of rotary machines
  • leakage test of trapping tanks and vessels
  • production of design documentation for technological equipment of chemical and food industries

Assembly and repairs of electric and electronic fire alarm (EPS) and measurement and regulation (MaR) systems

  • repairs, production and installation of electric appliances and distributors